Monday, November 9, 2009

Kitchen Bloopers and Canned Pumpkin Hoarding

Okay, I'm the first one to admit that I am not perfect in the kitchen...sometimes.  Here is an example.

It's Sunday morning and I decide to make the recipe for Pumpkin Pancakes from my friend's website over at The Novice Chef.   I print out the recipe and start.  Mix dry ingredients...check.  Separate eggs...check.  Mix wet ingredients...check.   Whip egg whites and fold into batter.  WHOOPS!!!  I had separated the eggs...and placed the whites in a dirty bowl.  I broke my cardinal rule.  Always read the recipe all the way through before starting.  Doh!!  So, I went ahead and cooked the pancakes.  And you know what?  They were fine.  In fact more than fine.  They were delicious.  And think how even more delicious they will be the next time I make them correctly.

Now for an explanation as to the pumpkin hoarding.  In October, I wanted to make pumpkin cream cheese.  So, I went to the store and there was not a can to be found.  I kept going back week and after week and nothing.   I mentioned this to Jess over at The Novice Chef and she told me there was a canned pumpkin shortage going on.  I told my mom.  She found some at her store.  Then, the hoarding began.  She bought four cans and gave me two.  Then, just last week, I was passing by an end cap in my grocery store and there it was...piled high like a great orange pyramid of pumpkiness.  I grabbed four cans.  I even thought about getting more.  No, I have a small pantry.  Thus, pumpkin pancakes for Sunday breakfast was born.

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