Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Garden and Freeze Damage

My cousin and husband built me a beautiful greenhouse last summer. We've had a few hits and misses in the greenhouse. Some things like it in there and some things do not. We had several bean plants that just went crazy. We harvested quite a bit of beans over the past months. Corn did not do too well. Kind of produced mutant stubby corn.

Overall, anything that was grown in an EarthBox grew very well. Currently, we have bib lettuce and Romaine lettuce which is looking very nice. The tomato plants are growing very well and my husband recently planted radishes (yuck, don't like radishes).
The Wesley Chapel area saw a few too many nights of below freezing temperatures.

My staghorn fern took a big hit. We had it covered, but there were just too many nights of below freezing temperatures. Even lost three plants in the greenhouse. A pepper plant, tomato plant, and some lemon basil.

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