Monday, June 29, 2009


The hubby and I went to the Cobb Theater here in Wesley Chapel, Florida for the first time. The theater has been open for almost a year now but we never had the desire to go. Now, keep in mind, we have not been to the movies since Titanic! We are just not movie people. We have a nice TV at home with cable. My husband hates the movies because of the kids running around and people talking constantly, etc. Maybe we have just had isolated incidents of bad luck in movie theaters because our recent experience was quite pleasant.

Friends of ours came over and we went out to eat at Wasabi's Japanese Restaurant, which I will review later. Our friend, Tori really wanted to see The Hangover. Well my husband really did not want to see this movie as he had heard it sucked. However, we were done with dinner in time to hit the movie, so off we went.

When we arrived at The Cobb Theater, ( we were disappointed to see the parking lot practically completely filled up. Tori dropped off me and her husband and we ran in to inquire about the Cinebistro part of the theater. Cinebistro ( is an adults-only part of the theater where you can order food and alcoholic beverages about 30 minutes before the show starts. The cost per ticket is a bit more ($14.50 plus food) than the general seating ($9.50) tickets.

We walked upstairs to the Cinebistro area and inquired about tickets. They were sold out, so we went back downstairs to get general seating tickets. Instead of walking back outside, we saw three kiosks. So, instead of waiting in line again, we went ahead and purchased our tickets right there. Easy!

This theater is very nice. There is a wonderful concession stand downstairs with everything from nachos to chicken sandwiches. I bought a small popcorn and small drink for $9. Whoa! Actually two people could have easily shared the small.

We then went back upstairs to the Cinebistro as there is a bar, cafe, and nice seating areas. George and Mike ordered a couple of beers. They were quite large and priced pretty cheaply. I think they said it was $4.50 for a beer which was apparently a good price. I have no idea since I don't drink. You cannot take alcoholic drinks into the general seating theater.

Tori and I decided to go ahead into the theater and save the boys their seats. The theater is small and quaint. Kind of feels like you are in your own living room. The theater seats are awesome. Very plush with leather? headrests, a place for your drink, and the chairs actually rock. I could see where the Cinebistro area must have been as there was a very tall wall behind me. The Cinebistro area was above us in the same theater.

The theater filled up pretty fast and the movie was hysterical. The last three minutes of the movie are the best and tears were streaming down my face from the laughter.

We had a really great time. I am glad to see that business is good since I would like to come back and try the Cinebistro theater.

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