Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I was never a big brie eater.  However, I bought a wheel of brie the other day to serve as an after dinner snack to some guests.  We were so full from dinner, we could not eat it.  So, I made it for me and my husband to go along with a Cesar salad the other night.  I remember reading somewhere that you can bake brie or leave it out to get soft at room temperature.  I found a recipe on the internet for baked brie.

It was very simple.  Cut the top of the rind off the brie and bake it at 290 degrees for half an hour.   The rind acts like a cup to hold the brie while it bakes.  You can then stir in garlic or nuts.  I'm sure there's a million ways to serve brie.  I served this with some warm crusty french bread.  Oh my goodness!  It was like heaven!!!   gonna buy more brie tomorrow...  hehe


  1. As you know I am obsessed with cheese and brie is my favorite! Now that you are a brie lover we need to go the Wine Exchange and have their baked brie, its fabulous!

  2. I hope that brie wasn't there when Matt and I were there last just waiting to be enjoyed!!! ARRRRRGGGGH!